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Modern Marketing for May

So what is Modern Marketing?
Modern Marketing is stepping into the psyche of your Ideal Client and meeting them where they are.
Modern Marketing puts compassion, generosity and encouragement at the heart of everything you do.
Modern Marketing is about serving.
May 5: Mission for May (Goal Setting Session)  -completed this journey and a great workbook to boot! Accountability in play! whoop whoop
May 7: Introduction to Modern Marketing
May 12: Session around Resilience with Joni Peddie
May 14: Creating Content that Connects
May 19: Social Media guru
Last month, we launched our Coaching Sessions with Diane from The Elevation Coach.
The sessions started with Back to Basics, moved to exploring and understanding your Ideal Customer and  mapping your Customer Journey. Lastly we ended the month with a fantastic session on Reflection. A great bond was formed.

This month, the session are continuing but it’s all about taking specific action as it’s Diane’s belief that you only get results when you take consistent focussed action.

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