We help entrepreneurs

think bigger, build better and move faster

We’re changing the game with our co-working spaces.

Because we offer more than just amazing, beautifully designed working environments – we’re a vibrant community of entrepreneurs and creators of the future.

Helping Entrepreneurs

Think Better...

Build Better...

And Move Faster.

We’re ready to kickstart your journey into co-working.

In partnership with Miteri, Singer Group and Cafe Maxx.

Our Spaces:

Cape Town Salt River in association with miteri

It’s Zuckerberg’s early “Facebook House” inside a state-of-the-art office building. Home to Cape Town Southern Suburb’s most innovative freelancers and companies.

Cape Town City Centre in association with Singer Group

We’re super pumped about this. A three-story National heritage building in the heart of Cape Town that we’re turning into a thoroughbred Akro co-working space.

Event Spaces - De Waterkant in association with Cafe Maxx

A wonderful space for intimate functions, from catering to braais in the wonderful courtyard, or for company workshops or off-site brain storming sessions.

Painfully practical Events

Our events are awesome. They’re different. We get founders to pitch to developers, investors to work alongside startups, and learn about epic stuff like growth hacking, blockchain and venture capital. We’re as practical as you can get.

Down-to-earth Advice & Consulting

Get the right advice at the right time. Think of our community as a fresh, jacked up consulting firm. Code reviews. Sourcing top talent. Rapid scaling. Legal stuff. Building and shipping a product. Eye-ball-grabbing marketing campaigns. We got you.

Early stage Capital

We’re one of the few co-working businesses in the game that funds the best businesses in our spaces. Since we work closely with these companies it sometimes makes business sense to put our money where our mouth is. The Akro Capital Fund is a venture fund dedicated to our most exceptional co-working businesses. Akro Capital also manages an angel investor syndicate – a group of high net worth individuals looking to invest in the next GetSmarter, Thawte or something that could be even bigger.

We support your business growth

We help entrepreneurs think bigger, build better, move faster.

Akro is a company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs turn ideas into businesses. We offer events, venture funding and consulting services, and we have a painfully practical attitude towards entrepreneurship.

Needing help with Dev direction, pricing model, marketing?  Contact us for consultations.

Akro has been instrumental in mentoring and guiding the path of the founders of my business.” Akhil Boddu

Our Partners:

22 February 2020

2020 Vision Growth Workshop

Is 2020 your year of growth?
Are you needing to grow yourself, your business, your bank balance?