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Shared Workspaces

Salt River, CPT (Miteri Coworking)

A space of ‘creative chaos’, Miteri Coworking is situated in the heart of the up-and-coming startup and creative industry hub of Southern Africa. Friendly people and innovative companies make this an awesome space.

CPT City Centre (Singer Group Co-Op)

A three-story national heritage building in the heart of Cape Town on the Cnr of Long & Wale. Built in 1770, this beautiful building with slate and brick walls is brimming with character and charm.

Super early-stage venture funding

“There’s plenty of money out there, you just have to find it.”

That’s what they say. And it’s true… If you’re a startup with serious traction and an experienced team! But what about those of you who are just looking for a little bit of funding, to cover food and rent while you give your idea a whack?

We’re here for you. Sometimes (but not usually), we’ll invest a small amount of money into your company. But mostly we can connect you with the best angel investors, venture capitalists and fundraisers in South Africa.

If you’re ultra-dedicated, super-quick, smart and committed to your startup, get in touch.

We support your business growth

We help entrepreneurs think bigger, build better, move faster.

Akro is a company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs turn ideas into businesses. We offer events, venture funding and consulting services, and we have a painfully practical attitude towards entrepreneurship.

Needing help with Dev direction, pricing model, marketing?  Contact us for consultations.

Akro has been instrumental in mentoring and guiding the path of the founders of my business.” Akhil Boddu


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